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Admin Notice: Let’s make this Friday a really Good Friday

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a quiiiick post about this Friday because we’re going to do something special, though a lot of you know the drill.

Earlier this week, we passed the 12,000 followers milestone (thank you!!!!) so to celebrate, this Friday, April 18th, we’re gonna have a big Patrick gifspree, reblogging gifs all day in PST time. I’m prepping the queue for it right now, in fact. Nothing too different from the usual milestone sprees, but it’s always exciting to do these kinds of days.

Here’s to a good Good Friday, folks. <3

Anonymous asked: Do you have an idea where I can find the law and order special patrick was in? ;~;

This should work, be warned that he doesn’t show till near the end.

Anonymous asked: How much would you recommend starting a fan-blog for Fall Out Boy? I've wanted to for ages and I already have a name, but I'm not too sure yet..

Hey, part of the reason why I took to this blog in the first place is because I wanted to make a fanblog on the side, so I’d completely recommend it! More often than not, you end up networking with a great bunch of people who have great music taste. :)

You can be as general or as niche as you want to be. I’ve seen all sorts of FOB blogs; they can be as to-the-point as this blog or just a general blog to reblog/post all things Fall Out Boy.

All I have to say as a precaution is that if you want to have a focus on graphics, fan art, gif-making, or any sort of ‘creative’ niche blog, I’d recommend against just reposting whatever shows up on Google images, or weheartit especially; people are far more conscious of reposting for good reason. That kind of stuff can take hours to create, and trying to pocket notes or attention on something that could’ve taken one click to reblog from the original source instead kind of deters people from putting forth their creativity, and that’s something that should be encouraged, not discouraged. (Plus, I can generally tell who reposts now-a-days, especially gifs that I made for PSGifs, and reposters don’t get reblogged from this blog.)

"This isn’t a reunion because we never broke up." 

Anonymous asked: Link to fall out boy on one tree hill?

Here and here.

I’d love to hear your favourite either the most amusing or most bizarre paparazzi story


(via drownedthespark-deactivated2014)

We’re fading fast.

(via unf-fall-out-boy)

Anonymous asked: That gif saying "Having sex with Patrick be like" was pretty hysterical and I wondering if you ha any more? haha thank n you :D

None with that particular caption, but we do have a Rat a Tat tag (Rat a tat tat tag, hey!) :D