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Folie à Deux Singles

"I think it’s just a metaphor, really. It’s a psychiatric term for when crazy people get together and their out-of-control psyches enhance one another, and not always in positive ways. I think it describes the inner-workings of Fall Out Boy. When the four of us get together in a room, things get pretty insane."

-Joe Trohman, on the significance of the album’s title.


via armrace

Anonymous asked: Can you link me to just a bunch of funny fall out boy interviews


Fall Out Boy taking pictures with Twenty One Pilots 

Anonymous asked: Please please please, tell me you know where I can see this post/96360889143 video?

Thankfully this one popped up straight away on Youtube this time.

Anonymous asked: Are you excited for Centuries or what?! Can't wait for gifs of the music video to come up later this month :3

Definitely! Nothing’s quite confirmed yet in terms of release dates, but it’s totally exciting to know that a new Fall Out Boy era is on the quickly-approaching horizon.

patrick rawking out during this ain’t a scene, it’s an arm’s race

Fall Out Boy: Live session (21 May 2013)