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for holystokes

Anonymous asked: is this the video you're looking for? youtu(.)be/VLt9pUEfr1Q

THAT’S IT! Thank you!

Clickable link!

buckets-of-paint asked: do you know what the video of Pete and Patrick talking about there first band rehearsal? thanks :)

I sadly can’t find that one at the moment… I’m not sure if Youtube’s hiding it from me or if I’m just not looking in the right place for it.

If anyone wants to help, we’re looking for the video matching this set.

Anonymous asked: can you link me to the videos of your two recent posts?

The first one’s a live video from the Soul Punk Era, so those are a bit harder for me to track. I’m not exactly sure of where the video is, but I’m almost sure that the show was from April 10 or April 11, 2011, in New York, so hopefully that helps start the search. Not sure what song he’s performing, though.

The second one’s here!

Anonymous asked: Are you and petewentzgifs friends or do you kinda ignore each other's existence

Actually, I run petewentzgifs as well!





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