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AE: Spring Break 2008

Anonymous asked: Do you have a gif where Patrick pouts? Or you could get one from this,youtubecom/watch?v=seMevN7xVcI THANK YOU :))))

We have that gif here!

Anonymous asked: I just saw a gif set on Patrickpumped's blog of Pete, Patrick, and Joe in the TTTYG era. Pete says that one time Patrick got so drunk, him and Joe kissed. Joe replies with "I actually wasn't drunk" Pete states "don't drink because you might end up kissing your friends who a dudes" and then Patrick says "I wasn't drunk either" Do you know if there's a video to that and where I can find it??? Thanks so much.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s here!





so let’s fade away t o g e t h e r


Anonymous asked: This page makes my day thankyou so much!

Awwh! Thank you for the love! <3


august 31, 2013 - "take a video of yourself"


1/? Fall Out boy MV - Gif sets

Dance Dance

via wywent

Anonymous asked: Is there a photo of Joe watching Patrick at Lollapalooza???

Yes there is!

Jingle Ball 2013