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Steezy being cute


Jimmy Kimmel Live - Mean Tweets

Dan and Phil vs. The Stars: Fall Out Boy. Balance a cookie on your forehead and try to get it from your forehead to you mouth without using your hands

for holystokes

@taylorswift13: I’ve listened to “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by 43 times today.

@patrickstump:  Now I can admit how much I’ve been listening to “Trouble.” Kidding; I always admitted that.


Fall Out Boy + Gabe Saporta: Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

via emocas

Pete and Patrick reenacting the high five from MSKWYDITD.


One year later, how do we assess where we are? How do we determine our threat level? There are some that would say we could measure it by magazine articles and blog mentions. And there are others that would say we can determine it by sold out arena shows, by plaques on the wall. But maybe it’s something that lies beyond anything you can quantify. That there just isn’t an algorithm to determine how many hours in a year were spent in airports waiting for baggage, that can determine how much someone loves a song based on how many trains they took to get to the show. And that there is simply no unit of measurement for lost voices. What it meant for us to come back after all these years, but really, what it means for all you to come back too: lost voices, constant jet lag, or for these ringing ears. But I challenge you to say that it doesn’t show resolve, determination in the face of failure. Because art begins as what you create, but takes on a life of its own when it’s consumed. This record felt like a monster, but you gave that monster life… One year later, this is our love letter back to you. Thank you.