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patrick stump as eugene arlington


(via stumperspunk)


pete telling patrick where babies come from


this whole search for a sidebar gif is really just an excuse to make gifs of the entire oh nostalgia video

Anonymous asked: Do you like Patrick or Pete more?

It’s… it’s hard to say, honestly. Between them and Joe and Andy too; all members of Fall Out Boy have qualities to them I admire them for.

I suppose, to put it in a fangirl tense, I crush on Patrick the most, but that doesn’t change my great admiration and respect for all of them.



Got a high five and a smile from Patrick (:

Anonymous asked: Link to the gif set of Patrick "helping the guy lose weight"????

Here’s the gifset, here’s the video

Anonymous asked: Is petewentzgifs your other tumblr?

I run that Tumblr too, yes. :)

Say a prayer, but let the good times roll in case God doesn’t show.