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I’m a quiet boring guy. But on stage there’s this other part of me that we all get to experience together. There’s a different kind of intimacy. I’m on stage doing my stupid thing. I’m watching you guys enjoy it so much that you’re doing your stupid thing. We’re all doing our stupid thing. I think that’s a really unique experience. 


We kind of went our own way and I was really terrified of what Elton would say...

Patrick Stump Young Blood Chronicles

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Anonymous asked: Do you know when Patrick became a vegetarian?

He’s been on and off between non-veg/vegetarian/vegan for years. Last I saw him tweet about it, he’s non-veg.

What do you think makes a good roommate?


Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes” will have you erupting with laughter… (Get it? That’s a volcano joke.)


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Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz on American Idol


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