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Fall Out Boy’s transformations in the “I Don’t Care” video

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Fall Out Boy: Live in London


(Requested by Anonymous)


(Requested by Anonymous)

.: Put On Your Warpaint!

Anonymous asked: what is your video post/92407644203 ?

That’s from their performance on Conan last year, but it seems that the video link is failing me? It’s no longer embedding on external sites, so I don’t know if Conan’s team took the video down or what. Sadly, I don’t spot it on Youtube either.

If anyone has a link to that, let me know!

Anonymous asked: hello. do you happen to know where this: /post/92406534188 is from? thank you, have a nice day.


Anonymous asked: Hi there. So sorry to bother you but do you know if anybody is streaming the alt press awards tonight by any chance. I don't get the channel and I'm so sad about that. I'm just kinda asking around.

I believe someone is but I can’t remember their URL. If anyone knows, feel free to reblog or reply to this so anyone who’s curious can check the notes and see.

Anonymous asked: Hi! First I just wanted to say thank you for running this blog!!! I was wondering if you could gif 1:17 - 1:19 in the "Patrick Stump Fall Out Boy Interview - Stars & Strike Charity Event 2013" video.

Sure thing, anon! Just give me a bit of time to work on it and it’ll be up by 8pm PST tonight!

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Do you have a theme song?

Do you have a theme song?


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